Ten independent Massachusetts hospital systems launch Massachusetts Value Alliance

Ten independent Massachusetts hospital systems launch Massachusetts Value Alliance

Ten independent Massachusetts hospital systems launch Massachusetts Value Alliance

A coalition of ten independent Massachusetts health systems, including 14 community hospitals, have formed the Massachusetts Value Alliance (MVA) to enhance their efforts in delivering high quality, patient-centered and cost-effective care to their communities.

The member hospitals of the MVA collectively represent the largest collaboration of independent healthcare providers in the Commonwealth, with a combined $3.1 billion in total revenue. The 10-member collaborative spans the breadth of Massachusetts geographically, and serves approximately 2 million people in their combined market areas. This alliance is unique in Massachusetts as the only collaboration of independent health care systems.

The MVA was founded in 2016 by Emerson Hospital, Sturdy Memorial Hospital and South Shore Health. Membership has continued to grow and now also includes Berkshire Health Systems, Harrington HealthCare System, Heywood Healthcare, Holyoke Medical Center, Lawrence General Hospital, Signature Healthcare and Southcoast Health. Each MVA member shares a commitment to delivering coordinated, high quality care while focusing on cost-efficient operations.

The specific goals of the MVA include:

  • The development of group purchasing and shared service arrangements;
  • Identification and sharing of best practices to enhance each organization’s ability to affect and lower the total cost of care while enhancing the quality of care;
  • Support for the development of population health management and care coordination skillsets and capabilities.

To date, the MVA has worked to facilitate cost savings for its member organizations through group purchasing of services, including reference lab services and employee health benefits. Other initiatives are underway, including several MVA hospitals working together on the selection and implementation of a common electronic medical record platform.

Over time, a number of MVA member organizations expect to work together to enhance their organizations’ population health management initiatives. The MVA will provide opportunity to exchange best practices among its members with the goal of reducing health care costs to the consumer/purchaser, improving quality and enhancing patient experience.

The MVA is governed by a board of directors and operates on a shared decision-making platform. MVA member health systems remain competitive and independent, each maintaining their strong community focus. The alliance is a unique partnership of like-minded health systems which, in addition to providing economies of scale to improve efficiency and control cost, is bringing innovation to the communities served.

To learn more about the Massachusetts Value Alliance, please visit massvaluealliance.org.