MVA is 11 community hospitals committed to high quality care.

The MVA collectively represents the largest collaboration of independent healthcare providers in the Commonwealth.

MVA is delivering economies of scale to improve efficiency and control cost.

MVA is bringing innovation to the communities we serve.

There is Power in Numbers. Health care providers that join the Massachusetts Value Alliance (MVA) benefit from reduced costs through economies of scale and improved outcomes. For many of our members and affiliates, the goal is to sustain independence to continue to deliver the best quality care to patients and communities.

For Vendors/Suppliers


The MVA is comprised of 7 health care systems with 11 community hospitals across the state. The MVA hospitals seek to partner with vendors that see the value in maintaining vibrant community hospitals, and the collaboration opportunities offered by the alliance.

For Patients


The MVA enhances patient care, through sharing best practices to improve quality and and control costs. Since MVA members and affiliates are not-for-profit, the savings achieved through the alliance may be reinvested in services and programs that directly benefit patients.

MVA is an alliance of 7 community health systems with 11 hospitals working to improve the cost, efficiency and quality of care to the communities we serve.

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